About InnaKush Creative Solutions

Who we are and what we do

We are a full service design agency specifically focused on the cannabis industry. From design to full marketing strategies, we aim to bring this industry out of the old stereotypes and misinformation to having brands that are household names.

What makes us different?

We are not some design agency hopping on the bandwagon of the cannabis industry to make it rich, this company was started with two ideas: A love for design and a passion of cannabis and all it can do. We are full believers in the diversity and benefits that cannabis provides to people and as a industry. You will find that we are just as passionate if not more about your products and the potential role it will play in the future.

Mission Statement

Too many firms are falling into the cliche of becoming synergistic combinations of names and sub-categories of services, is it better to be good at everything or a master of one thing? While some major cannabis corporations may need every service from basic marketing strategies to complex meta analytics, SEO and other algorithmic systems to maximize efficiency and profits to a 10th of a percent. Some companies and start ups in the every growing and complex cannabis industry neither have the budget set aside for something so wide reaching or even the need to systematically go over every data point of every aspect of your company. We focus on the truest form of what it takes to create a brand and to get your brand noticed. Where as if your only need is a simple branding workup, will your smaller project have less attention paid to it because all their efforts are focused on the 12 tiered strategy from some multi-million dollar contract with a major established brand trying to dominate their market? Or will you be given the same dedication and hard work to make sure you get the best product for those services regardless of how big and expensive the product is?
We focus on and specialize in three aspects of what the core of a design agency does and we put it the same amount of effort regardless of how big or small the project is, because we simply have passion for both the design industry and the cannabis industry. We focus on brand development or improvement, including consultation services for your current brand. Secondly we focus on marketing your product by getting the product seen by more people and co-opting with your overall brand to establish a cohesive message to your consumer. There are a lot of mediums and methods to a marketing campaign, so we offer completely personalized marketing packages based on your specific needs and or budget so you are not paying for things you don’t need or missing out on services that would best suite your individual brand. Third, we offer advertising services which also goes hand and hand with marketing. Marketing is your overall strategy and implementation of your advertising. Although sometimes one is needed without the other, so we offer an array of advertising services to again suit your specific needs and what would work best for your product or company.
We take the mindset to accomplish each project to the utmost level of quality and you are guaranteed to get that level of attention, regardless the size, scope or budget of your project. We will get to know your service, brand or product to know how to best accommodate your specific needs, not just sell you a blanket package with template strategies or graphics.

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